Dogs are the ideal companion and are becoming the latest must-have accessory for strolling down our city streets. Are dogs the new finishing touch of every dress code? Could they possibly be on the verge of replacing the queen of the streets: the handbag? Not exactly… but when combining the two, you now have the perfect combination. Not long ago, New York City decided to ban dogs on the subway unless they were able to fit in a bag, basically permitting only small dogs to travel via train. But, in true New Yorker fashion, people said ‘fuggedaboutit!’ and took the law quite literally. No one ever said how big or small the bag had to be, so now we’re seeing Labradors and Huskies in bags that are simply huge, sometimes even with leg holes! Simply put, dogs in handbags are now all the rage.

As if it weren’t enough to find a bag that matched our outfits, now we have to find one that goes with our dog? Who’s walking who here? We’ve lost track at this point.
Clo’e Floirat is an art critic and cartoonist working between New York, London and Paris. She explores via “drawing Crit’ writing” the boundaries between writing and drawing for various publications such as the New Yorker.

Clo’e is also a regular contributor to various publications, e.g., art press, Frieze, Designo, Intramuros and l’Officiel Art. She has been a special guest at Monumenta, Grand Palais in Paris since 2011, where she draws and writes alongside major contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor, Daniel Buren.